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BMW Mini R55,R56,R57,R58, R59,R60,R61 Front Camber & Caster Strut Mount Kit, #195216-3L, (Full Race)

BMW Mini R55,R56,R57,R58, R59,R60,R61 Front Camber & Caster Strut Mount Kit, #195216-3L, (Full Race)

SKU: 195216-3L

Brand: K-Mac
Make : BMW
Model: Mini MK II – R55,R56,R57,R58,R59,R60,R61
Year : Nov 2006 – 2014

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  • Description

    Product Description

    BMW Mini R55,R56,R57,R58,R59,R60,R61 Front Camber Caster Kit (Race) ‘Mini’ Series MKII (11/’06-’14) (Stage 3 – Full Race)

    PRODUCT : K-mac BMW Mini R55,R56,R57,R58,R59,R60,R61 Front Camber Caster Kit -Race. Manufactured not from steel or soft billet alloy but the highest 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. Extra H/Duty self align spherical bearings (self lubed – PTFE lined). No Elastomer/Flex for tauter/quicker response times and more effective shock control (centers are also “replaceable” for virtual lifetime usage). And with K-MAC – Separate top spring seats are included with H/Duty radial thrust bearings for “Steering Loads” (which also resolve annoying spring drag/binding)…. for both OEM diam. springs and all brands of 60-70mm I.D. Coil Overs.

    >>>>> Front Camber & Caster Strut Mount (Stage 1 – Street) <<<<<

    >>>>> Front Camber & Caster Strut Mount (Stage 2 – Street/Race) <<<<<

    FEATURES : Simply replaces the existing Strut Top Mounts (no modifications). Reinforcing the strut towers and with the unique K-MAC patented design providing the biggest (and quickest) adjustment range of both Camber and Caster. Street/Race settings can be recorded and changed in 30 seconds – just the time taken to loosen the 3 top mount nuts. Another K-MAC Patented design feature allows this fast adjustment to be made accurately under load.

    ON TRACK DAYS : Ability to hit those corner apexes every time by being able to dial in extra negative Camber to reduce understeer/increase traction and allowing to go deeper into the corners with again increased traction and also braking response. In the pursuit of lowering lap times and “Front row of the grid” on race days!

    RESULT : Finally – The adjustment capability to resolve costly premature edge tire wear and steering pull. The result of day to day commuting encountering high cambered roads, altering height through load carrying or lowering, fitting wide profile tires/wheels or curb knock damage. Along with ability to improve traction, understeer/oversteer.

    *ALSO SEE COMPLETE RANGE OF “FRONT AND REAR BUSHINGS ” All the very latest K-MAC design breakthroughs to resolve premature bush wear. Most bushings feature twice the load bearing area of OEM and are 2 axis / self aligning – without the use of air voids. Result is improved brake and steering response. The Camber, Caster and Toe bushings are also precisely adjustable (unique K-MAC patented design – single wrench on car – accurately under load direct on alignment rack). With the “Camber” bushings providing also “extra” track width (and negative adjustment) on race days.