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Mercedes. C213/C238, W215, C217, W218, W220, X253 Rear Camber & Toe Bush Kit, #502226-K

Mercedes. C213/C238, W215, C217, W218, W220, X253 Rear Camber & Toe Bush Kit, #502226-K

SKU: 502226-K

Brand: K-Mac
Make : Mercedes
Model: C213 / C238 (E), W215 (CL), C217 / W218 (CLS), W220 (S), X253 (GLC)
Year : 2000-2018

  • Description

    Product Description

    Mercedes (2000-2018) C213/C238, W215,C217, W218,W220,X253 Rear Camber&Toe Bush Kit Bushing (Extra Toe Adjustable)

    >>>>> W213/C238, C217/A217, X253 Front Camber <<<<<

    >>>>> W215, W220 Front Camber & Caster <<<<<

    >>>>> W220 Front Camber & Caster <<<<<

    >>>>> W215 Front Camber & Caster <<<<<

    >>>>> C217/A217,W218,W220 Rear Bushing <<<<<

    >>>>> W218 Front Camber & Caster <<<<<

    >>>>> W215,C217/A217,W218,W220 Rear Bushing <<<<<

    PRODUCT : Allows precise Mercedes C213/C238,W215,C217/A217,W218,W220,X253 Rear Camber&Toe Bush Kit Bushing adjustment for the first time.

    Genuine K-MAC PERFORMANCE BUSHINGS SINCE 1964 – Designed for absolute maximum adjustment range. Strongest and longest lasting. Featuring twice the load bearing area of OEM bushes. Hardened teethed nickel chromed steel centers with spiral grease grooves. Hardened teethed external steel washers. Double length nuts. Fail safe lock system. With the K-MAC unique patented design there is no more dis-assembly required each time an alignment setting needs to be changed. – Just a single wrench to adjust accurately (under load) direct on alignment rack.

    RESULT : RESULT: Finally – Not only replacing the 4 rear highest wearing bushings but also the adjustment capability to fix it right the 1st time – to resolve costly premature edge tire wear and improve traction (a result of altering height, load carrying, fitting wide profile tires/wheels, load carrying or curb knock damage). Along with ability to improve traction, understeer/oversteer.

    *ALSO SEE COMPLETE RANGE OF “FRONT AND REAR BUSHINGS ” All the very latest K-MAC design breakthroughs to resolve premature bush wear. Most bushings feature twice the load bearing area of OEM and are 2 axis / self aligning – without the use of air voids. Result is improved brake and steering response. The Camber, Caster and Toe bushings are also precisely adjustable (unique K-MAC patented design – single wrench on car, allowing accurate adjustment “under load” direct on alignment rack). With the “Camber” bushings providing also “extra” track width (and negative adjustment) on race days.