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Camaro, (’10 – ’15) Rear Lower arm inner Adjustable Camber Bushes , #201828-4H

Camaro, (’10 – ’15) Rear Lower arm inner Adjustable Camber Bushes , #201828-4H

SKU: 201828-4H

Brand: K-MAC Make : Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Year : 2010 – 2015
Part Number: 201828-4H

  • Description

    Product Description

    K-MAC Camaro, (’10 – ’15) Rear Lower inner arm Camber adjustable Camber Bushes(pair), (Doubles existing adjustment range), #201828-4H

    Because extra adjustment the elastomer bushes allow tauter responsive, less flex.K-MAC unique patented design – Precise single spanner adjustment system (accurately under load – direct on alignment rack). K-MAC kits also include bush extraction and insertion tubes.

    RESULT : Finally – The adjustment capability to resolve costly premature edge tire wear ( or increase negative Camber to reduce understeer). The result of day to day commuting encountering high cambered roads, altering height through load carrying or lowering, fitting wide profile tires/wheels or curb knock damage. Along with ability to improve traction, understeer/oversteer.

    *ALSO SEE COMPLETE RANGE OF “FRONT AND REAR BUSHINGS ” All the very latest K-MAC design breakthroughs to resolve premature bush wear. Most bushings feature twice the load bearing area of OEM and are 2 axis / self aligning – without the use of air voids. Result is improved brake and steering response. The Camber, Caster and Toe bushings are also precisely adjustable (unique K-MAC patented design – single wrench on car, allowing accurate adjustment “under load” direct on alignment rack). With the “Camber” bushings providing also “extra” track width (and negative adjustment) on race days.