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Holden.. 201626H Rear(IRS) Camber & Toe Commodore VP-VZ (’91-’06) Bushings kit

Holden.. 201626H Rear(IRS) Camber & Toe Commodore VP-VZ (’91-’06) Bushings kit

SKU: 201626H

Brand: K-MAC Make : Holden
Model: Commodore VP, VR, VS, VT, VX, VY, VZ
Year : 1991 – 2006
Part Number: 201626 H

  • Description

    Product Description

    K-MAC Holden Commodore VP, VR, VS, VT, VX, VY, VZ (’91 – ’06) Rear(IRS) Camber and Toe adjustable Bushings kit, #201626H

    K-MAC patented design allows precise Camber and Toe adjustment for the first time. Single wrench adjustment (under load) direct on alignment rack. Resolves costly premature inner edge tire wear and improves traction . Comes with professional bush extraction tool .

    Refuse Substitutes ….. K-MAC Actual Inventors / Patentee’s of the “Single wrench” Bush Adjustment System which has revolutionized the industry. Gone are the days of having the labour intensive need to remove and this trial and error for bush repositioning each time an alignment change was needed. Now with K-MAC it is fast, precise adjustment accurately on car(under load) direct on alignment rack.

    K-MAC has all the features you would expect from a company with the experience of manufacturing performance bushings and strut adjuster kits longer than anyone else (see “About Us”).

    Strongest, Biggest Adjustment Range, Longest Lasting …. Combined with “In- House” manufacture allowing total control over quality, case hardened nickel chromed steel centers, spiral grease grooves, double length nuts, “fail safe lock system” and a labour saving professional bush extraction tool…..all the features simply not found in the replica substitutes!

    NOTE: Because of cost cutting and the ever increasing speed of vehicle assembly lines virtually all today’s autos only have Front and Rear “Toe” (directional) adjustment. No Camber or Caster allowing to change tire “contact angles”.

    ALSO Check Out / Install at the same time K-MAC #201728 F Replacement bushings for the 2 rear OEM (soft rubber / air voided) Crossmember Bushes. K-MAC performance bushes simply replace and are designed to provide improved steering response with less rear end flex, twitch, loss of traction. 2 Stage catering for both Street or ultimate Track applications.